There has never been a more important time to understand the context and impacts of accelerated change.

According to Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist and Author Thomas L. Friedman, we are experiencing three simultaneous and interlocking climate changes. These interconnected accelerations are reshaping our world. The climate of technology, driven by Moore's Law, is such that anything mentally routine or predictable can soon be achieved by an algorithm. The climate of the market has gone from interconnected to interdependent where the rise and fall of our ally and enemy markets are interlinked. In the climate of the climate, our natural environment,  we have passed the time of future remediation and must move towards changes to protect our planet and inhabitants today. Collectively these accelerations re-shaping our world are impacting working and learning, geopolitics, community, and ethics. My focus is on the reshaping of the workplace and related learning systems. My belief is that in a world of accelerating change, the future of work is continuous learning and adapting or as Friedman says "resilience and propulsion". 

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Clips from Heather McGowan's keynotes on the future of work and learning


In our old economy, where change rates were slower, one could acquire education in the first third of their life for a relatively stable progression up the career escalator to retirement and a pension. In this world, one's stored knowledge or expertise was the path to secure employment. 



In our emerging economy, the new reality paradigm,  the discrete bands of education, career, and retirement are replaced by three overlapping bands of learn, leverage, and longevity. Life expectancy is at least a decade longer and, as a result, the career arc becomes longer. The change rate has accelerated such that education and learning must be lifelong and the career ladder has been replaced by a web of overlapping activities based upon leveraged learning. 

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